• Sambalpuri Cotton Kotki Saree

    Kotki Saree of Orissa: A Traditional Handloom Saree

    Kotki Saree of Orissa is one of traditional handloom saree orginated from India. It is an essential part of the cultural heritage of the state and has a unique identity due to its design and weaving pattern. The saree is named after the Kotki village in the Cuttack district of Orissa, where it originated. Kotki…


  • dsc 7260

    Diving Deeper into the Rich History of Kantha Stitch Sarees

    It might come off as a surprise to some but Kantha Stitch Saree or kantha embroidery has a history dating back centuries. So old, in fact, that the first mentions of the craft can be traced back to pre-Vedic times. Kantha stitch as an art form developed from the thrift of Bengali women. Today kantha stitch…


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    Turn Heads this Ganesh Chaturthi Draped in a Banarasi Saree!

    Ganpati Bappa Morya, Mangalmurti Morya! With approximately 1 month left to Ganesh Chaturthi, Maharashtra and southwest India have been heating up. The festival was originally a way for people to pray and be set free of their sins. It is believed, that when Lord Ganesha visits the earthly abode he cleanses your life of the…


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    The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Saree for a New Wearer

    A saree is the single most elegant piece of clothing to exist and no one can change our mind. From its versatility to the old-school charm to the uncountable varieties in which it comes in. With the rapid transformation of the Indian saree market into an e-commerce Frankenstein, you can now get your hands on…


  • banarasi silk

    What Are Banarasi Sarees Famous For?

    As you may know, Banarasi sarees are mainly found in the holy city of Banaras, which was earlier known as Varanasi. This is the ‘Khandaani’ Indian heirloom which has been preserved for generations and worn by almost every Indian. This saree has been mentioned in the legendary text of Mahabharata, which in turn represents the…


  • khadi cotton saree online

    The Entry of Khadi into Fashion Scene Today

    Khadi is often dubbed the national fabric of India. As a material, khadi upholds the rich textile heritage of India and continues to grow bigger and more all-encompassing with each passing day. Leading fashion shows across the nation have been incorporating khadi in all its conventional elegance with a contemporary twist. In fact, khadi cotton sarees…


  • katan silk sarees online banarasi

    The Graceful Art of Choosing the Most Suitable Silk Saree

    Besides the consistent growth in sericulture, the demand for silk also increased. This worldly-renowned fabric forms the central component of most saree weaving processes. Moreover, silk sarees continue to retain the symbol of elegance, tradition, and culture. Hence, most women show interest in buying Katan silk sarees online and offline. Elegant silk sarees bring a charismatic factor…


  • buy jamdani saree online

    Understanding the Essential Components of a Jamdani Saree

    No doubt, sarees are a precious jewel in every Indian’s closet. Although there are endless varieties to choose from, a Jamdani saree always stands out. It represents one of the finest handwoven muslin varieties. The term consists of “jam,” indicating flower, and “Dani,” implying vase. Also, this word has a Persian origin. A lot of…


  • georgette silk saree online

    Discover Your True Beauty with Banarasi Georgette Silk Sarees

    You probably have a lot of clothing in your wardrobe, but do you have a banarasi? If not, you should immediately go and order a banarasi georgette silk saree online today. Why? Because these are the height of Indian ethnic fashion, and a point of pride with all women. There is something mystical about a banarasi. These…


  • pure chiffon sarees online

    Pure Chiffon Sarees as a Wardrobe Staple for Summer 2022

    Chiffon is the fashionista’s fabric of choice for the sweltering heat of Indian summers. It is airy and light with a slight sheerness to the material which perfectly balances out the sweaty humidity. We recommend you get yourself a pure chiffon saree online if you are at a loss about how to play dress-up for events this…