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What Are Banarasi Sarees Famous For?

As you may know, Banarasi sarees are mainly found in the holy city of Banaras, which was earlier known as Varanasi. This is the ‘Khandaani’ Indian heirloom which has been preserved for generations and worn by almost every Indian. This saree has been mentioned in the legendary text of Mahabharata, which in turn represents the hallowed slice of our history. You can ask anyone from around India what a Banarasi saree is, and they will tell you all about it. It has got several makeovers in the past years and now is found in many different styles; especially if you search for Banarasi silk sarees online, you will get a wide variety of options available.

What Are They Known For?

If you search from around the world, you will realize that Banarasi sarees are known for their zari work, gold, natural silk, and fantastic embroidery. Nowadays, you can banarasi silk sarees online, which have their own richness and elegance. That is why, this style never goes out of fashion and is still one of the top choices for bridal wear. Not just that, it comes in a wide variety of patterns and fabrics, which means it can be worn on many occasions.

All the banarasi silk sarees online that you can buy online not just fit all traditional occasions but can also be worn as office wear. Every woman loves to wear handloom banarasi sarees for every special event, especially on their wedding day. Old people in the household say that wearing banarasi on your wedding day brings good luck, so they carry it in their trousseau.

banarasi silk sarees online

What Is the History of Banarasi?

Banarasi sarees were first developed in the 14th century; during the Mughal period, the artisans of Bengal started making sarees using gold and silver threads. It was not till the 18th and 19th centuries that it got its deserved popularity. As it was started in the Mughal period, you will see many Mughal- inspired designs like intricate floral and foliates motifs. When it was first started, it was only made for women in the royal family, but now everyone wears it. It is everyone’s favorite, starting from all Bollywood divas to girls next door; everyone can buy banarasi silk sarees online. For Bengalees, this saree is their traditional wedding attire.

Where Are the Manufacturers Now?

Even now, if you go to Varanasi, you will find many different banarasi saree manufacturers. Many old manufacturers are still manufacturing the traditional sarees, whereas many new ones have also started their businesses.

What is Your Final Thought?

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