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Pure Chiffon Sarees as a Wardrobe Staple for Summer 2022

Chiffon is the fashionista’s fabric of choice for the sweltering heat of Indian summers. It is airy and light with a slight sheerness to the material which perfectly balances out the sweaty humidity. We recommend you get yourself a pure chiffon saree online if you are at a loss about how to play dress-up for events this summer.

Why Pure Chiffon Sarees Are Must-Have Summer Essentials?

Easy to Drape

One of the best things about wearing a chiffon saree is that the nine yards are very easy to drape. The material is pliable and holds well to the shape you give it. Even the pleats smooth down without additional help. If you are someone who gets nervous at the prospect of wearing a saree, chiffon might be your new best friend.

Extremely Versatile

The other reason why we can’t stop singing praises of our collection of pure chiffon sarees online is because of how exceptionally versatile the pieces are. Not a big fan of pinned-up pallus? No problem, let it flow. Want a saree material that triples as casual, work, and formal wear? What better than chiffon. Want to incorporate an Indo-Western moment into your next look? Pure chiffon has never looked better. The same saree can be styled for different events by switching up the accessories.

Beat the heat of 22’s shaadi season without compromising on the elegance of a traditional outfit.

Huge Variety of Prints

Going off a similar tangent to that of chiffon’s versatility, it’s no big surprise that the material works perfectly with a large variety of prints. Pure chiffon floral print sarees, in particular, have taken over the market. You can pair a floral print chiffon saree with a simple blouse belonging to the same color family for a monochrome look or you could make a statement with a pop of contrast. If you are planning to dress up the saree a bit, you could also opt for a heavily embroidered blouse.

3 Easy Ways to Make Your Chiffon Look Stand Out

Belted Beauty

Adding a belt to your saree is an effortless way to add an edge to your chiffon saree. Our favorite belted looks include an embellished statement belt to spruce up an otherwise mild saree. Netizens are also fond of studded belts to go with macro print pure chiffon floral print sarees. Apart from cinching your waist in, belts also make sure your saree stays in place throughout the day.

Cropped Contrast

Replacing traditional blouses with cropped tops has got to be one of our favorite ways to add a fun element to a saree. Cropped tops allow greater freedom with the design and style and deliver effortlessly for contrasting outfits. Brownie points for funky asymmetrical sleeves and cutouts.

Not-so Traditional Trousers

Indo-western saree looks have become increasingly popular in recent times. Drape your saree over solid-colored trousers such that one of the pant legs is still visible. Finish the look with a cropped top and a belt to secure the saree. The beauty of this outfit is that you can dress it up or down. Find heavy jhumkas and bangles to accentuate the Indian-ness. If you are not feeling the heavy jewelry, silver hoops will do as well.

Chiffon Sarees at DDS Saree Collection

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