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Discover Your True Beauty with Banarasi Georgette Silk Sarees

You probably have a lot of clothing in your wardrobe, but do you have a banarasi? If not, you should immediately go and order a banarasi georgette silk saree online today. Why? Because these are the height of Indian ethnic fashion, and a point of pride with all women.

There is something mystical about a banarasi. These sarees are beautiful beyond doubt — but that’s not all. They also carry a sense of pride and dignity with them, combined with bliss and love. It is not a combination you will find every day.

Traditionally, banarasi sarees were made out of silk, with glorious shine and sheen, light on the skin and Indian to the core. But nowadays, a new trend is taking the Indian traditional fashion world by storm — georgette banarasi sarees.

Why Choose a Georgette Banarasi?

If you don’t know what georgette is, let us inform you — it is a light, semi-sheer fabric that is a part of the crepe family. Despite that, the material is strong and durable and can take a lot of wear and tear. Georgette fabric assimilates colors most effectively and reflects them most accurately among all common fabrics, so it is one of the most popular choices for printed sarees. Without color, it has a natural off-white shade that is very accepting of all hues.

A banarasi georgette silk saree makes one of the best summer or bridal wear in India. It is one of the finest examples of modern handloom banarasi sarees. Generally, a banarasi georgette is woven in natural organic colors that reflect a sublime and comely view.

Properties of a Banarasi Georgette Saree

These sarees are very skin-friendly and easy to dye. They produce vibrant colors over their crinkly surface with absolutely gorgeous embellishments. They look heavy but they aren’t really; easy to carry and easy on the skin, you can wear them on any occasion— private or public. Buying a banarasi georgette silk saree online will be one of your best investments of the year.

Inspired by traditional Mughal and Indian art, the georgette banarasi sarees carry floral motifs accompanied by foliate and jhallor borders. It displays a wonderful heritage symbol of the subcontinent, representing rich tradition and legacy that has been carried down the millennia.

Aspire to look glorious in a banarasi — buy a georgette silk saree online today from DDS Saree Collection. Make a statement with our beautiful selections worthy of a queen.

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