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The Entry of Khadi into Fashion Scene Today

Khadi is often dubbed the national fabric of India. As a material, khadi upholds the rich textile heritage of India and continues to grow bigger and more all-encompassing with each passing day. Leading fashion shows across the nation have been incorporating khadi in all its conventional elegance with a contemporary twist. In fact, khadi cotton sarees online have brought some sort of a revolution in the country’s traditional wear scene as well. Designers pan India are of the opinion that the fabric is here to stay for years to come.

The Roots of Khadi and its Evolution

At its humble beginnings, khadi was seen as a fabric of comfort rather than style. Today, however, the years of evolution have revamped it into a current fashion rage. The new wave of khadi has seen it as dresses and jackets to bridal assemblage. From pre-independence times, when it was synonymous with the azadi movement, it has come a long way to the wardrobes of India’s biggest fashion influencers.

The first khadi was cotton and had a coarse texture. Over time khadi silk and khadi wool became popular. The material is no longer limited to the political trousseau of a Nehru jacket but has spread into embroidered, jacquard, and hand-loomed forms.

Khadi and Sustainability

The resurrection of khadi would not have been possible without accounting for the sustainability factor. Being handmade, organic, and long-lasting, the international fashion community has acclaimed khadi as their top picks for the coming fall.

As the world gradually sensitizes itself more and more towards the environment, sustainably made, naturally spun fabrics are faced with a rapidly growing demand.

Most other fabrics are machine-made, this ensures that khadi has a very special space in the heart of the global market. The handwoven touch and feel of khadi is speaking of its resplendence.

Khadi in its Modern Avatar

The journey of khadi as a modern style statement has seen a lot of styles aimed at the youth. The modern avatar of khadi is so versatile that it can be worn as tops, shirts, dresses, and even pants. It is also perfect to be worn in all seasons – khadi can be used for its warmth in winters and be morphed into summer-friendly clothing during the hotter months.

Like cotton and denim, khadi is a desi fabric that caters to both the female and male demographic. Additionally, khadi top-wear can be teamed with a number of different bottoms.

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