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Understanding the Essential Components of a Jamdani Saree

No doubt, sarees are a precious jewel in every Indian’s closet. Although there are endless varieties to choose from, a Jamdani saree always stands out. It represents one of the finest handwoven muslin varieties. The term consists of “jam,” indicating flower, and “Dani,” implying vase. Also, this word has a Persian origin.

A lot of women love to buy Jamdani saree online and offline. However, most of them fail to differentiate between authentic and fake. Hence, we decided to come up with our ultra-reliable guide. This post will show you the essential features of this saree, clearing your doubts from the roots. And you will get to know many less-known facts. So, let’s begin!

The Involvement of Meticulous Process

Crafting a premium quality Jamdani saree seems to be a time-consuming procedure. The reason behind this complexity is the lengthy method of hand-looming. This saree variant takes almost 3months to 1 year for a six-yard weaving.

You can observe the utterly-vibrant patterns on a shimmery surface. This feature adds a graceful touch of uniqueness to this saree. A few popular motifs of Jamdani include paisleys, floral, lotus, diamond, fish, lamp, polka spots, jhalar, and rectangular motifs. This information can be helpful for women willing to buy Jamdani saree online or offline.

Contemplating the Value of This Craft

The gorgeous Jamdani saree comprises an exceptionally intricate design. Its thread reveals the consistency of a delicate nature. Therefore, the weaving process of this craft becomes laborious and elaborate. No doubt, the best season for weaving Jamdani is the monsoon.

The hidden secret behind this extraordinary artistry is the weaving of detailed motifs on delicate muslins. Moreover, the fine count weaving and earth-friendly strategy do not require electricity. These designs represent an exclusive skill that becomes hard to copy.

Unfolding the Art of Recognizing Authentic Jamdani

There is no denying that the Jamdani saree is a unique treasure. Almost three generations can conveniently rely on the elegance of this saree. However, it is vital to keep an eye on its authenticity. An essential tip to follow is to explore the wrong side of the fabric. Moreover, the weft thread has to be in a continuation without slashing the yarn. Machine-made pieces do not maintain the continuity of these threads.

Enter the World of Never-Ending Ethnicity

DDS Saree Collection is among the most popular saree stores in Kolkata. It is an ideal space for women looking to buy Jamdani saree online. You can notice an impeccable balance of ethnicity and haute couture in our designs. Furthermore, we guarantee the finest quality sarees at affordable rates. Let the ethnic shopping experience begin!

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