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The 5 Dos and Don’ts of Saree for a New Wearer

A saree is the single most elegant piece of clothing to exist and no one can change our mind. From its versatility to the old-school charm to the uncountable varieties in which it comes in.

With the rapid transformation of the Indian saree market into an e-commerce Frankenstein, you can now get your hands on sarees from any corner of the sub-continent. A few clicks on a button and you can buy banarasi silk sarees online. It’s not even just Banarasis, from Katan silk to Kantha Stitch, from Ikkat to Pochampally, you name it, we got it.

However, a saree bought and shelved in the almirah is going to do no good. You need to learn how to wear a saree, and more importantly how to look good wearing it. Who better than us to teach you the dos and don’ts of draping a saree. Hold your pallu and buckle up!

#1 Do – Find a Snugly Fitted Blouse

Remember a saree look can never be a success without a well-fitted blouse at your side. For starters, you don’t want a blouse that does not hug your curves well, but you also don’t want a blouse that is so tight it chokes you.

While ready-to-buy blouses are definitely a thing, if you are looking for a snug fit, we recommend getting yours custom-made by a tailor.

Apart from the make of the blouse, the other thing that matters most is the color and pattern. Take care to ensure that your outfit doesn’t end up being an unflattering hotch-potch.

#2 Don’t – Tuck in the Pleats too High

One may argue that pleating is the hardest part of wearing a saree but in our opinion, it is how and where you tuck your pleats that makes or breaks your look. A saree tucked in too high will expose your ankles and petticoat, whereas one that is too low will limit movement lest you trip over the gathers.

#3 Do – Pin Everything into Place

For new saree wearers, it is essential that you secure everything into place. Don’t be shy, use a generous amount of safety pins to hold your saree in the shape you want. Pinning makes sure that you have the liberty to move around as you wish.

Did you buy banarasi silk sarees online for your bestie’s wedding but are worried that you won’t be able to keep up with your sangeet performance in a saree? Well, what are pins for!

We also recommend using pins the same color as the saree. Many also use a brooch to secure the pallu.

#4 Don’t – Wear a Bra that Ruins Your Look

How many times have you seen someone’s backless choli moment ruined by a peek-a-boo bra situation? The fashion police deem it very VERY important to wear a bra that goes well with your blouse. Wear a padded bra in a color close to your blouse. The rule of thumb is to opt for transparent straps wherever you can. Also, make sure the lingerie fits you well to avoid any unsightly lumps.

#5 Do – Wear Shapewear for the Perfect Silhouette

Our most recommended tip for you is to switch the traditional petticoat with a saree shapewear. While it is very easy to go wrong with a petticoat and end up bulky, shapewear gives you a cinched mermaid silhouette. They also smooth down belly fat and reduce the appearance of love handles.

#6 Do-Choose a Quality Store

Buying a high-quality silk is a must if you want to rock your look. What must you consider for that? Choosing a good saree store is the key. Come to DDS Saree Collections to check out our plethora of silk sarees online. You want to buy the best Banarasi silk saree? Visit our website.

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