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The Most Famous and Loved Sarees of Odisha

Odisha has also been very rich in its textile and craftsmanship. Not just that, textile has also been their major industry, and the state contains thousands of weavers and craftspeople. The whole world admires all the handicrafts from this place as the whole work is complicated, and the delicate finish is hard to replicate. So, all the sarees that you get here, which you can easily buy, especially the bomkai silk saree online, are authentic and gorgeous. It is said that the old religious text and traditions have inspired the style of the fabric dyeing and weaving in the Ikkat silk sarees, which you can buy online. These fabrics are used to dress the idols of the Jagannath temple, and the sarees also depict temple borders and colors associated with the temple.

ikkat silk sarees online

Sambalpuri Ikkat

This is the most famous saree of Odisha, and the weavers use a special method called Bandhkala to weave this saree. They use the double ikat method, where both the warp and the weft yarn are tied together in a tie-dye form, and then the pattern is made. You get this both in the ikkat cotton saree and ikkat silk saree online,. They have nature-inspired motifs like flowers, chakra, shells, and many more all over the body of the saree. These sarees are mainly woven in Mayurbhanj, Sambalpur, Nuapatna, and Berhampur.

Bomkai Saree

Bomkai saree is the most gorgeous out of all the sarees and is woven with a combination of ikkat weaving and Resham thread. The whole work was mostly in the pallav and the border. Though you see the intricate design on the pallu the main body also sometimes has some ikkat work.

Most of the best bomkai silk sarees are online, and people can choose from various options. The motif is inspired by their traditional art and has all the nature-based themes. The shades mostly revolve around the colors red, blue, black, and yellow. These sarees are often used on special occasions and ceremonies and are also used for informal occasions for their comfort.

Khandwa Saree

Khandwa is known to be one of the most intricate saree designs and is made from Malda silk or soft silk. You will see temple design on the border, or you will see the basic ikkat pattern. This kind of design takes a long-time o weave and is very hard to do. Women usually wear this saree on their wedding day and at many other special festivals.

Classy Sarees for Everyone

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