Maheshwari Silk Saree

Maheshwari Silk Saree- Regality with Every Wear

A saree may be a piece of cloth to many, but it is a sign of emotion for many people. This 9-yard piece of fabric provides enormous significance to millions of people living in India. The experts from various states customize the fabric in different ways such as many artists using different types of silk-like tussar silk to various elements like satin, cotton and georgette.

Maheshwari silk sareeis a type of Indian silk which is available in a variety of designs. The experts weave the saree by using zari that can be of colorful stripes, checks and floral borders.

This type of silk saree has originated at Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh. The weavers do not only weave the design on the saree but both on dupattas and salwar materials.

The History of Maheshwari Saree

It is one of the traditional cotton sarees that originated in Madhya Pradesh in the 18th century. It has become popular among Indian women because of its border embroidery and geometric pattern. But actually, the art form of this saree was first invented in Gujarat.

Mainly the queen used these sarees as gifts for the visitors who visited dignitaries. Those were 9 yards long and also known as Nali which means nine. But nowadays, with the advent of globalization, the beauty of this saree is appreciated throughout the world.

The Weaving Process of Maheshwari Silk Saree

In general, weavers use two types of handlooms in the town. The newer frame looms are the light metal frames and the older ones are the heavier. Nowadays, the newer types are more popular compared to the older ones because of technological advancement.

First of all, the weavers take the yarn and then, untangle it through the process of dyeing. Next, only the master weaver pursues the time-consuming weaving process. They have to ensure that the thread has no tangles and also, stretch the thread to make it tight. After the weaving, the experts dye the fabric by using natural colors along with gemstones.

Various Colors Used in the Saree

In general, the Maheshwari silk saree can be found in earthy colors such as maroon, black, purple, red and green. The weavers can take these colors from the source material directly. But nowadays, various types of chemical dyes are found in the market. That’s why the experts can try various colors on this saree. The following colors are blue, orange, mauve, pink and yellow which are mixed with gold and silver thread.

Enrich Your Beauty with Maheswari Saree

If you want to change your regular saree looks and be more gorgeous at any party, then try out the Maheshwari silk saree. This type of saree may indeed be light in weight but it is full of intricate embroidery along with extravagant style. To taste the uniqueness of the amazing saree collection, check the website of DDS Saree Collection and place your order now!.

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