White and Blue colour Printed silk

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This white, red, and blue printed silk saree is a beautiful matches best as traditional Indian garment. The white silk fabric is printed with red and blue designs, and the saree is typically decorated with gold border work. This saree can be paired with gold jewellery.

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White, red and blue are the traditional colors of Indian saris. White is considered the most formal color for a saree because it symbolizes purity, peace and elegance. Red represents love, passion, anger and desire while blue represents the sky, water and sky respectively. Both red and blue have religious significance in Indian culture; the Hindu religion considers both colors sacred, while the blue lotus flower represents supreme spirituality in the Vedic tradition. For that reason, blue is also known as indigo blue or vibertine blue due to its association with blue lotus flowers found in art from ancient Greece to present-day India.

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