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Things to Look for While Buying a Sambalpuri Saree

Sambalpuri sarees are known to be one of the best handloom sarees of all. Sambalpuri saree is famous for its double ikkat weaving, commonly called the Sambalpuri ikkat handloom. It has a great significance in the society and culture of India. This is Western Odisha’s traditional and cultural attire; most women wear this saree there.

Different Sambalpuri saree are loved by different people some people like Sambalpuri cotton saree, and others like glitter like Sambalpuri silk. Every woman in Odhisa wears a fancy silk saree on their wedding day because it gives the bride an attractive look. The best way to get this saree is through the Sambalpur saree online shopping, where you can get a huge variety available.Fabrics

Sambalpuri sarees are made from two kinds of fabrics: silk and cloth. The fabric has to be very pre for it to have the softness and give premium comfort. When you do sambalpuri saree online shopping, you will notice that the fabric is what decides the price. You can identify the grades by the fabric number, i.e., 40, 60, 80, 100, and 120. So, if you choose to buy the 120-grade fabric, you are getting the superior-grade fabric. But there is an instance where people can get scammed by getting bad material while giving a higher price.Motifs

All kinds of Sambalpur sarees have traditional motifs weaved on them, which are done on the original handloom. Some motifs you might see on the sambalpuri sarees bought online shopping are elephant, Phula, Swan, Shankha, etc., which usually signify the Lord Jagannath of Puri. So, if you want to avoid buying fake ones, you should keep an eye on this for Sambalpuri Saree’s online shopping.Weaving Pattern

All the sambalpuri sarees are weaved in the Ikat format, which includes warp and weft. It would help if you were careful of the pattern in the saree to know that the handloom saree is not fake.Dye Used in the Saree

The dye that is used in all the sambalpuri saree is what makes it unique. The dye is used in a tie-dye way where the thread is tied correctly, and different colors are used, which are very eco-friendly. This also affects the price of the saree where different quality and grade is used.GI Tag

All sambalpuri sarees have GI tags which were started in 2010 and are also known as Geographical Integration Tag. This indicates a specific region where the product was made and then sold.The Best Handloom of Odisha

Sambalpuri sarees are known to be the best handloom sarees of Odhisa, and if you are planning on buying one, you should consider checking out DDS Saree Collection as they have the best collections among all other stores.

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