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Kanjivaram Sarees: The Pride of Southern India

Women love to shop, and when it comes to sarees, their wardrobes are piled up with different traditional apparels. They love to wear saree for every occasion because this super classy attire can never go out of style. Out of all the traditional sarees, one of the best is the Kanjivaram saree from Southern India. You must have seen Aishwarya Bachchan, Sridevi, Rekha, Hema Malini, and even the newbies wearing the evergreen Kanjivaram saree.

This traditional saree has always had a close connection with Bollywood and its beautiful divas. Every weave has a different story about all the generations it has witnessed and always manages to take a special spot in everyone’s heart. In Southern India, this saree is offered to the goddess and the elders as a mark of respect and love.

Origin and History

The origin story of the Kanjivaram saree started from Hindu mythology, where the weavers were known to be the descendant of Sage Markanda. She was known to be the master weaver of all the goddesses. This saree got its name from the Silk City of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. It was said, the two major weaver communities of Andhra Pradesh had migrated to that city to make the silk saree. When they first made the saree, it was a 9-yards material that bore drawings of mythological scriptures and temple figures. After the British came to India, they translated the name to Conjeevaram silk, also known as Kanjeevarum silk.

Ways to Understand the Authenticity of the Saree

It will Have the Gold Simmer-Zari

The silk thread used to make Kanjivaram sarees is first dipped in rice water and then dried under the sun. This helps to increase the thickness and stiffness of the silk thread. The silk thread is interconnected with a silver wire which helps in weaving. After that, the procedure is completed using a golden thread. So, if you were wondering how the Kanjivaram saree has that golden touch even when its base isn’t golden, this is why.

Design Repertory

A traditional kanjivaram saree will have images and scriptures inspired by many South Indian temples. Almost all of these traditional sarees have temple borders, stripes, checks, and floral motifs. They also consist of natural features like leaves, animals, birds, etc. This is why you get a wide variety of options for Kanjivaram sarees. Their price depends on the intricacy of work, pattern, and material used, like Zari.

A Marker of Permanency

This classy saree is made using 240 wraps and 250 wefts, so it is very hard to tear away the weave. As the saree is made using three kinds of threat, this increases the strength of the weave.

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