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How Did Banarasi Sarees Come to Existence?

If you ask any women what their first choice is for Indian wear, they will say Banarasi saree. Love for traditional wear is universal, but Banarasi sarees get a little more love than others. It has a rich history hidden within its silken weaves and was only made for royalty at one point in time. This is one saree that everyone wants in their wardrobe no matter what the occasion. Anyone from around the world can buy a banarasi saree nowadays. Whether their wedding day or another ceremony, they can buy banarasi sarees online and get them right where they are. In this article, we will discuss all its origin and what makes it so famous.


If you have read Mahabharata, then you have noticed the mention of Banarasi sarees. It first originated in the year 1603 when some of the weavers who lived in Gujrat had migrated to Banaras when emperor Akbar was ruling the place. Emperor Akbar at that time was very fond of the fabric silk, and in this way, he helped to start the Banarasi silk saree. At that time, it was only crafted for the royal people, but now everyone can buy the banarasi saree for every occasion.

It has become a symbol for bridal wear across many countries. It got its recognition during the 18th and 19th centuries when the weavers were in full force. Now that you might buy the banarasi saree online, you can thank the Mughal empire for providing support for its existence. It is because of that that we still get to see the influence of Mughal in the Persian motif of banarasi sarees till now.

Reason for Being Famous

Banaras sarees have got its popularity because of their rich history it owns. No other saree has been in so much talk other than this one. Nonetheless, when you buy banarasi sarees online, you get to see all the delicate and elegant designs that are wanted among women worldwide. The saree looks gorgeous as it has a beautiful Persian motif all over it, but you can even get light work on it. Besides that, as it was made only for royalty then, its elegant look is unlike any other sarees. Lastly, as the saree is very comfortable to wear, most brides choose this for their wedding day.

Shop the Elegance

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