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Banarasi Sarees: The Glorious History and the Features of It

Saree is a traditional dress and an important part of every woman’s life. Most women prefer saree over other dresses on any occasion due to its sophistication and elegance. Banarasi saree is mainly popular as a part of traditional Bengali wedding but women from all parts of India love this saree. Not only the Indian fashion industry is fascinated by this saree but also the international fashion world.

The experts wove various complex designs into the six yards which make the saree stunning. Nowadays, there are various technologies used in the textile industry but still the experts weave the intricate designs on the saree by hand. No doubt that it becomes the first choice to most women when it comes to purchasing a saree for a traditional occasion. If you want to look glamorous on any occasion, then buy pure banarasi silk sarees.

The History of Banarasi Silk Sarees

We get the very first reference of this traditional dress back to Hindu mythology of Ramayana in the 1000 to 300 B.C. The Mughal Empire introduced Benarasi silk in the Indian market. It had been popular since then because of its designing craftsmanship and intricate weaving.

You can notice the combination of two different cultures in the design of the saree- the Indian and Mughals. In the Mughal period, the experts imported silk from China but nowadays they bring it from the Southern parts of India.

Mainly Indian saree are categorized in two parts- designer segment and the traditional bridal. In general, Banarasi saree is a popular bridal saree on account of its colors, textures and designs. If you want to wear a traditional saree for a wedding occasion, then buy banarasi silk sarees online at a reasonable price.

Various Features of Banarasi Silk Sarees

As we know Banarasi saree is made in Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh. This type of saree is also heavy due to its rich embroidery. It is perfect for every festival, party and weddings. There are four varieties of traditional Banarasi saree- Georgette saree, Shatir saree, organza and pure silk. The other varieties are satin borders, jangla, cutwork, Brocades and Tanchoi.

The experts also use Persian motifs in the saree to make distinct flower patterns. The specialists wove the saree with threads made from real gold and silver for the royal families of India. But nowadays, they use colored gold and silver threads in the saree which make it affordable for everybody.

Feel Like a Queen, Dress Like a Queen

The traditional Banarasi saree is not only popular in India but also is recognized globally because of its intricate designs and unique pattern. Many popular personalities and Bollywood celebrities wear Banarasi saree for special occasions, weddings or functions. If you want to follow this popular trend, then buy pure banarasi silk sarees at DDS Saree Collection. We deliver all over India.

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